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Kdb Training

February 25th, 2013

We’ve been working really hard on new video guides to Kdb which covers briefly some of the topics available in the kdb training courses. Some of the articles to help learning kdb include:

Feedback or questions on the articles is more than welcome.

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Signing exe and jars in an ant build

February 19th, 2013

Easiest way to sign your java jars and exes from ant:

1. First some prep to speed things up:
- set your domains whois information to match your business
- register with a phonebook company: or
This means when they ask for it later, you already have it done.

2. Cheap keys are available at tucows author:
This article details the steps and downloading the key (use IE at all times):

3. Once you have it, use these instructions to export it as a file:

4.For signing jars:
This guide steps you through:

5. For signing .exes get JSign and add it’s ant task.

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