Poker Client/Server

A poker client/server/”lobby server” game. Source can be downloaded java-poker-client-server . I can promise the code is horrible, this was created a long time ago. I vaguely remember applying a lot of design principles that involved using interfaces a lot (too much).

Casino Lobby

Casino Lobby


Once a player connected to the lobby server (username/password needed) , they could choose which room to play in. Including real or fake money.

Poker Client - GUI and Telnet

Poker Client - GUI and Telnet

Poker Table

Appearance was somewhat primitive compared to full blown commercial offerings. At the time we had to use an older Java GUI toolkit which was horrible but there are now some better ways to quickly create a GUI.

Telnet Interface

A client.server protocol was created that allowed users to play using telnet. This also made debugging easier, at the cost of slightly more traffic.

Calendar - Java Application

A Calendar application created for a university project, Calendar Application, think this was my first “real” java project.

Java Calendar - Year View

Java Calendar - Year View

Calendar Year View - real google calendar killer

Notice the amazing highlighting of the days. Colour shows “importance” of appointments that day. Intensity of colour is number of appointments.

Java Calendar - Day View

Java Calendar - Day View

Calendar - Day View

Different icons for different categories of events.

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    Hey the download link is at localhost lol

    can you update it I want to check it out.. I already have a server and as basic java client made for poker but i suck at GUI i wanted to check out how you did yours..


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